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During our 60 minute consultation:

  • Discuss your specific visual problem and answer any questions you have associated with it.

  • Dr. Steinhauer will perform some brief assessments of your vision and review any pertinent records, history or tests you already have and discuss them with you. 

  • You will get Dr. Steinhauer's opinion on what you are experiencing, and an overview of the treatment options available to you at Vision For Life if she considers you or the person you represent a good candidate for our program.


For a 1hr video consult with one of America's foremost functional vision doctors.

Frequently asked questions

We would love for you to be as informed as possible before joining us. So, here are a few answers to our most common questions.

What happens in therapy?

What is the cost of the program?

What about insurance coverage?

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone familiar with the situation, but medical insurance only covers these services about 20% of the time. We do not accept payment directly from insurance companies.


Therefore, we have finance/payment options available to help make it work for you if budget is a concern.  


Once you are in our program, if you would like, we can provide you with information to send to your insurance for the possibility of reimbursement. 

Are there other fees after you pay for your program? 

The only other fee will be shipping and handling fees for sending your equipment in two separate shipments that are not included in your contract fees. This is simply because we ship to patients all over the world and shipping rates to a location in the U.S. are quite different  than shipping to someone in Asia, Europe.

Ava has more confidence since she has started vision therapy. She is acing her spelling tests and will actually share answers in front of the classroom. Our hope was that her vision improved to make learning fun and enjoyable. We are excited to watch her progress and her smile with pride.


Since starting with Syntonics, my peripheral vision has opened way up. In particular, in my right eye. I’m much more aware of the world around me and driving has become much easier!


My name is Raluca. I am a neonatologist and I am 49 years. Since my childhood I have hypertropia and exotropia on my left eye. After a few weeks of photosyntonics and visual exercises, I see my left eye moving inward for the first time!! And the eyes are aligned in a better way! My visual field is larger now and my life has become more exciting! I know that I still have to do a lot of exercises in the future, but I am confident that it is really worth it. Thank you Dr. Steinhauer, thank you Joanne, thank you Vision For Life! You are a blessing to me.


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